ThermARest Tranquility 6 Awning Poles


Create an awning on the Tranquility 6 tent to lounge in luxury. Free shipping! ($100 minimum order, USA)


Want to upgrade your Tranquility 6 tent to make it even more luxurious? Use these lightweight aluminum Tranquility 6 Awning Poles to prop-up the unzipped door of the Tranquility 6 and create a sheltered porch so you can relax in style. These poles can also be integrated into our Hammock House to make a covered shelter for storing gear or sitting out a rainstorm.

Easy to Use: Props up the tent’s unzipped door for quick and easy awning set-up.
Multi-Functional: Lightweight aluminum poles can integrate with other shelters for extra stability.

Color: Silver Pine;  Number of Stakes: 3;  Packed Weight: 12 oz;  Number of Poles: 2