BOTE Rover Paddleboard - Gatorshell Verge Camo

BOTE Rover Power Board - Gatorshell Verge Camo

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The BOTE Rover was designed and built to Go Further. Faster. It’s a stand up paddle board. It’s a micro-skiff. It’s everything in between. No matter what you call it, one thing’s for sure, it’s a BOTE. Includes Axe Edge Adjustable Paddle, Moto Rac and Vertebrae

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Length: 14'-0";  Width: 40";  Weight: 105 lbs;  Cockpit Depth: 6";  Maximum Capacity: 500 lbs;  Maximum Outboard: 6 HP

Videos: BOTE Rover Overview - BOTE Rover Set Up


BOTE Rover Paddleboard - Features

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