Eddyline Paddle Graphic Inlay Patterns

All fiberglass paddles come with carbon shafts and are available in four translucent jewel tones: Amber Yellow, Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue, and Lime Green; all with holographic stripes that sparkle in the sunlight.These unique colors are radiant in sunlight and have brilliant visibility on the water.

For an additional cost you can customize your paddle with our graphic-inlaid blades. Like our standard blades, the graphic inlays are translucent and are quite striking when the sun shines through them. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Each style is a limited edition. Eddyline donates $15 to Save the Manatee Club for every Manatee Fabric Paddle sold and $15 to breast cancer research for every Pink Ribbon Swirl paddle sold.

Fish Paddle Graphic

Fish & Lure Paddle Fabric

Flamingos Paddle Graphic

Manatee Paddle Fabric

Parrot Sunset Paddle Graphic

Pink Ribbon Swirl Paddle Graphic

Sea Turtles Paddle Fabric

Species Paddle Fabric