Joe Pool Lake/Walnut Creek Kayak Tour - Grand Prairie, TX

Joe Pool Lake/Walnut Creek Kayak Tour - Grand Prairie, TX


Our Joe Pool Lake/Walnut Creek Kayak Tour offers a spectacular outdoor experience for nature lovers, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, families, and paddlers of all skill levels.

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Starting from the shores of the lake in Loyd Park, this 4.9 mile tour crosses a bit of open water, takes you past two islands, and up the winding, shaded waters of Walnut Creek. Along the way you will experience flora and fauna that you might not readily associate with life in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This area is located at a crossroads (ecotone, or edge) between the Blackland Prairie and the Eastern Crosstimbers ecoregions. As a result, there is a diverse mix of plants from both ecoregions found here.

This kayak tour offers excellent opportunities for bird watchers, including water fowl, herons, osprey, hawks, songbirds, and more. Bobcat, beaver, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, possum, rabbits, and many other mammals are spotted on a regular basis. Turtles, frogs and other aquatic life abounds. Fishing along the trail is some of the finest that Joe Pool Lake has to offer. Once we reach the HWY 360 overpass, we will turn around and enjoy the lazy current and prevailing southerly wind on our paddle back.

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