RAM Double Socket Arm


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The RAM Double Socket Arm has a socket at both ends that accommodates various ball mounts. A single spring inside the arm, keeps the socket open, allowing you to insert the ball in to the socket connection. RAM's socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Watch: RAM Double Socket Arm Video

Overall Length: Short (1" Ball)=2.38";  Short (1.5" Ball)=3.5";  Medium (1"Ball)=3.69";  Medium (1.5" Ball)=5.625";  Long (1"Ball)=6";  Long (1.5" Ball)=9.125"

Socket to Socket Length: Short (1" Ball)=1.75";  Short (1.5" Ball)=2.25";  Medium (1"Ball)=3";  Medium (1.5" Ball)=4.5";  Long (1"Ball)=5.25";  Long (1.5" Ball)=8"

Materials: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum (Standard); High Strength Composite (Optional)