SealLine Bulkhead Compression Dry Bag
SealLine Bulkhead Compression Dry Bag
SealLine Bulkhead Compression Dry Bag - Green
SealLine Bulkhead Compression Dry Bag - Orange
SealLine Bulkhead Compression Dry Bag - Purple

SealLine Bulkhead Compression Dry Bag


Maximize The Utilization Of Your Kayak Storage Space With These Bulkhead Compression Dry Bags from SealLine.


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Offering a fast and easy way to maximize the use of limited space, our waterproof SealLine Bulkhead Compression Dry Bag boasts an innovative compression system, a durably waterproof PurgeAir™ valve, and stow-friendly materials, resulting in a space-optimizing dry bag for use in boat hatches.


  • Smarter compression: Unlike conventional systems that pull against seams, our 2-strap continuous strap system encircles the bag to minimize seam strain, maximizing durability for dependable protection.
  • PurgeAir™-equipped: New waterproof valve helps the bag compress further once it’s been sealed.
  • Durably constructed: Fully welded seams result in stronger and more durably waterproof construction compared to sewn-and-taped seams.
  • Tight, simple sealing: Updated DrySeal™ roll-top closure makes it easier and more intuitive to achieve an optimal seal.
  • Stow-friendly: Made of durable materials that help the bag slide smoothly in and out of hatches.
  • Oval bottom: Stable shape won’t easily roll around; it’s also easy to store, stack, and pack.
  • PVC-Free: Materials have a reduced environmental impact over vinyl-coated materials.
  • Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Materials


5L: Color: Green; Weight: 4.6 oz; Width: 4 in; Length: 7 in; Height: 10 in; Volume: 5 liters

10L: Color: Orange; Weight: 6.7 oz; Width: 5 in; Length: 8.5 in; Height: 14.5 in; Volume: 10 liters

20L: Color: Purple; Weight: 9.3 oz; Width: 6 in; Length: 10 in; Height: 21 in; Volume: 20 liters

30L: Color: Green; Weight: 11 oz; Width: 7 in; Length: 12 in; Height: 22 in; Volume: 30 liters