ThermARest Air Head Pillow
ThermARest Air Head Pillow
ThermARest Air Head Pillow - Amethyst

ThermARest Air Head Pillow


Our Best Backpacking Pillow, The ThermARest Air Head Pillow Provides Incredible Comfort Anywhere!


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Designed with the perfect amount of lift and loft and just the right combination of firm and soft, the new ThermARest Air Head™ Pillow will help you drift off—just about anywhere! Combining air and open cell foam technology, this innovative pillow is made with an inflatable, baffled core, providing a stable, highly compressible foundation. Then, to top it off, we add a luxuriously soft layer of open cell foam and cover the entire pillow in brushed polyester—all to make drifting off into dreamland a reality.


Light & Compact: Packs exceptionally small for easy travel.

Stable: Adjustable, baffled air chamber for stability, loft and custom firmness.

Soft: Foam top and a brushed exterior provide next-to-skin comfort.


Color: Gray or Amethyst;  Weight: 5.2 oz;  Width: 15.5 in;  Height: 12 in;  Thickness: 4 in;  Material: Brushed Polyester;  Fill Material: Air and Urethane Foam