BOTE Sandspear
BOTE Sandspear
BOTE Sandspear - Photo 2

BOTE Sandspear


The BOTE Sandspear Is A Versatile Paddle Board Stakeout / Push Pole For Use In All Shallow Water Activities.

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Utilize the stakeout function by simply inserting the spike side down through the stakeout holes in any of our compatible boards to anchor it in place. When you want to creep silently across a flat, turn the Sandspear around and push your board with the foot end. If 8' is too long for you, the Sandspear can be cut and reshaped to desired length.



BOTE Sandspear

BOTE Sandspear - Photo 3


Length: 8';  Weight: 4.5 lbs;  Material: Solid Fiberglass & Glass-Filled Nylon;  Grip: EVA Foam