BOTE Solid Paddle Boards

BOTE Solid Paddle Boards

Our BOTE Solid Paddle Boards are constructed utilizing BOTE's Gatorshell Technology. In lab tests, these Gatorshell paddle boards achieved 6 times tougher construction than the epoxy board competition. Incorporating advanced plastics in the outer shell construction, these paddle boards are the toughest, most abrasion resistant on the market while maintaining their stunning beauty.



Flood 10'6": Affordable, Entry Level Paddle Board / Great For Yoga, Surf & Recreational Paddling / 10′6″ L × 30″ W × 4.5″ D / 230 LBS Capacity / 35 LBS Avg Weight

Flood 12': Big Brother To The Flood 10'6" Paddle Board / 12' L × 32″ W × 5″ D / 300 LBS Capacity / 38 LBS Avg Weight

HD 10'6": Our Most Versatile Paddle Board For Yoga To Fishing / 10′ 6″ L × 30″ W × 4.5″ D / 240 LBS Capacity / 38 LBS Avg Weight

HD 12': Big Brother To The HD 10'6" Paddle Board / 12′ L × 32″ W × 5″ D / 315 LBS Capacity / 45 LBS Avg Weight

Rackham 12': Waterman's SUP With Feature-Rich Platform / Also Great For Heavier Paddlers / 12′ L × 32″ W × 8″ D / 350 LBS Capacity / 48 LBS Avg Weight

Rackham 14': Big Brother To The Rackham 12' Paddle Board / 14′ L × 34″ W × 8″ D / 400 LBS Capacity / 52 LBS Avg Weight

Traveller 12'6": Lightweight Expedition Ready Paddle Board Built To Go The Distance / 12′6″ L × 28″ W × 6″ D / 275 LBS Capacity / 34 LBS Avg Weight

Traveller 14': Big Brother To The Traveller 12'6" Paddle Board / 14′ L × 29.5″ W × 7″ D / 315 LBS Capacity / 42 LBS Avg Weight





ABRASION RESISTANT: An abrasion resistant out shell means you don't have to sweat the small stuff, like that time you got too close to that dock.

BEAUTIFUL FIT & FINISH: Gatorshell BOTE paddle boards are constructed to the highest standards in the industry and feature uniquely beautiful designs on par with BOTE hand-crafted epoxy boards.

SEAMLESS CONSTRUCTION: Our proprietary process allows for seamless construction. No cheap looking rubber gaskets or unsightly fissures down the sides of these boards.

GATORSKIN TEXTURED DECK PAD: High-quality, heat-sealed multi-textured deck pads feature a unique gatorskin embossed texture only found on Gatorshell models.

INNOVATIVE FEATURES: Gatorshell BOTE paddle boards feature all the innovative features found on our hand-crafted epoxy boards, so you can outfit them the way you want, for the things you like to do.

IMPACT RESISTANT: Gatorshell construction is 6x tougher than our hand-crafted epoxy boards giving you the freedom to be, well, yourself.

RESPONSIBLY CRAFTED: The advanced plastics used to build Gatorshell BOTE paddle boards are made from partially reclaimed material. As if that wasn't good enough, excess material from its construction is again repurposed, meaning less waste, and that's good for all of us.