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Yakima EXO Hitch System

The Yakima EXO Hitch System revolutionizes the trailer hitch, turning it into a do-anything, go-anywhere multi-tool. As your adventure adapts, so does the EXO, with multiple attachments that give you endless opportunities, keeping your gear at-hand and organized at every turn.



EXO SwingBase: The foundation of the EXO system, it's the base to which all other EXO components attach. Simply leave it on your vehicle hitch and change EXO components as your adventures adapt.

EXO TopShelf: Double your hitch capacity with a second tier of super accessible storage. Attaches to the EXO SwingBase.

EXO DoubleUp: Bike mount attaches to the EXO SwingBase or EXO TopShelf and accommodates anything you’re riding — fat tires to road bikes and everything in between.

EXO GearLocker: Provides functionality of a legendary Yakima roof-top cargo box with hitch-mounted ease-of-access. Attaches to the EXO SwingBase or EXO TopShelf.

EXO GearWarrior: Transports bulky gear. Attaches to the EXO SwingBase or EXO TopShelf. Cart wheels available.

EXO BackDeck: Table top mount sized to store in GearLocker or GearWarrior

EXO LitKit: Simply attach to the EXO SwingBase arms to keep your license plate and taillights visible, no matter your configuration.



Yakima EXO System Overview