BOTE Rackham 14' Paddleboard - Gatorshell Bug Slinger

BOTE Rackham 14' Paddleboard


Paddle Included! Feature rich paddleboard with unmatched capacity and stability. Our best SUP for large anglers!


The BOTE Rackham 14' paddle board features a large flat deck and thick rails providing unmatched stability and capacity, especially for large paddlers. Our most feature rich platform, the Rackham 14' is perfect for those looking to take their fishing and expedition adventures to the next level.

Video: BOTE Rackham Paddleboard Overview

Length: 14';  Width: 34";  Thickness: 8";  Average Weight: 46 lbs;  Maximum Capacity: 400 lbs


Bote Rackham Paddleboard - Features


Bote Rackham Paddleboard - Photo 1

Bote Rackham Paddleboard - Photo 2

 Bote Rackham Paddleboard - Photo 3

Bote Rackham Paddleboard - Photo 4

Bote Rackham Paddleboard - Photo 5

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