Essentials Of Kayak Touring Class

Paddle Skills Workshop - Essentials of Kayak Touring Part 2

Workshop Focuses On Kayak Paddle Stokes. Houston & Dallas Venues Available. A Fun Way To Improve Your Kayaking Skills & Knowledge!

New to kayaking or just want to improve your paddling skills? Our on-the-water Paddle Strokes Workshop - Essentials of Kayak Touring Part 2 promotes essential skills and knowledge to increase your enjoyment, performance and safety while kayaking.

Led by ACA Certified Instructors, our classes are kept at a 5 to one maximum ratio of students to instructor to promote personalized development and safety.

Select from Three Convenient Venues:

  • Oyster Creek in Sugar Land, TX
  • Lake Woodlands in the Woodlands, TX
  • Purtis Creek State Park, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Part 2 Workshop Topics include:

  • Kayak Safety/What to Wear
  • Launching & Landing
  • Edging
  • Reverse Sweep Stroke
  • Forward Sweep Stoke
  • 360 Pivot
  • In-Water & Sculling Draw
  • Reverse/Stopping Stroke
  • Forward Stroke
  • Stern & Bow Rudder
  • Side Slip Draw

Upon Registration above, we will email you two forms for completion, a course outline with introductory skills videos, directions/address to venue and check list of items to bring with you on day of class.

Use your own kayak and gear or Rentals Available.

Essentials Of Kayak Touring - Part 1

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