MSR WindBurner Duo Accessory Pot - Parts
MSR WindBurner Duo Accessory Pot - Parts
MSR WindBurner Duo Accessory Pot - Bowl
MSR WindBurner Duo Accessory Pot - Packed

MSR WindBurner Duo Accessory Pot


Backpacking/camp companion 1.8 L accessory pot for WindBurner Stove Systems. Free shipping! (USA, $100 minimum order)


Great for backcountry or weekend trips with extra people, the MSR WindBurner Duo Accessory Pot lets two backpackers prepare simple meals and brew up hot drinks fast. This 1.8 L hard-anodized aluminum pot features a built-in heat exchanger that efficiently transfers the stove’s radiant heat. The pot can also serve as personal eat-and-drink vessel and comes with a clear, BPA-free drinking and strainer lid, a pot cozy, extra bowl and a canister stand. Compatible exclusively with WindBurner Stove Systems.

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Added Capacity: 1.8 L pot offers added volume for serving an extra companion on the trail.

Ultra-Efficient: Pot features a handheld design and an integrated heat exchanger for fast boil times.

Ideal For: Boiling water, minimalist cooking, and quick brew-ups with WindBurner® stove systems.

Secure: Locks onto WindBurner® Personal Stove System; compatible with all WindBurner Stove Systems

Additional Features:

  • 8 L hard-anodized aluminum pot with integrated heat exchanger & insulated pot cozy with handle
  • BPA-free drinking/straining lid
  • Integrated 0.85 L bowl
  • Canister stand
  • Room to nest 8-oz MSR® IsoPro™ fuel canister and either style of WindBurner stove (sold separately)



Color: Blue;  Weight: 13.0 oz;  Volume: 1.8 liters