Yakima EasyTop Roof Rack - 1
Yakima EasyTop Roof Rack - 1
Yakima EasyTop Roof Rack - 2
Yakima EasyTop Roof Rack - 3
Yakima EasyTop Roof Rack - 4

Yakima EasyTop Roof Rack


Super simple, the Yakima EasyTop is an instant roof rack.

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Strap the Yakima EasyTop Roof Rack on top of almost any vehicle to carry up to 80 lbs of long, flat gear – from skis and snowboards to boats and surfboards. It installs in minutes – just loop it through the door frames and buckle it up. The thick padding protects your vehicle and your gear, and the double-latching buckle adds extra security. Traveling out of town? Bring it along and strap it to your rental vehicle.


  • Straps on top of almost any vehicle to create an instant roof rack
  • Carries us to 80 lbs of gear
  • Great for boats, boards, skis, ladders, and other long, flat loads
  • Thick structural padding protects your roof and your gear
  • Secures easily through door frames with integrated straps
  • Double-latching buckle adds security
  • Includes two Heavy Duty Straps and tie-down rope


  • Weight: 4.50 lbs
  • Product #8007418