BOTE Rackham Aero E - Verge Camo
BOTE Rackham Aero E - Verge Camo
BOTE Rackham Aero E - Classic
BOTE Rackham Aero E - Bug Slinger Dorado

BOTE Rackham Aero E - Motorized Paddle Board


Our Most Versatile Paddle Board Gets More Awesome With A Torqeedo Ultralight Electric Motor + Control Pod.

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We've combined the 45 lbs BOTE Rackham Aero, 20 lbs Torqeedo 403A electric motor and our 10 lbs Control Pod for the ultimate inflatable paddle board/ultralight eSkiff. Choose between two lithium batteries with a range up to 80 miles, 3 board styles including Verge Camo for ultimate stealth and an array of accessories for fishing, navigation and gear management.


Storage & transportation made easy with lightweight, military-grade inflatable construction
Trailer/Roof Rack not required!
Quick release motor and control pod for versatile use as a family-friendly SUP or ultra-quite sportsman's eSkiff
Access remote locations not accessible by traditional paddle board or motorized skiff
Additional bracket available to share the Torqeedo electric motor with your fishing kayak

BOTE Rackham Aero
Inflatable paddle board with the rigidity of a solid board
12'4"L x 38"W x 7"D / Weighs 45 lbs
440 lbs capacity great for extended journeys, gear hauling or bringing a passenger along
Removable center fin for shallow water stalking / poling
Packs into 41" x 17" x 12" wheeled Aero Bag (included)
Also includes three piece adjustable paddle, paddle sheath, sandspear sheath, hand pump, rac receivers, hand pump and repair kit
Options: BOTE Kula Cooler, Tackle Rac, Cooler Rac, Stack-out pole, RAM Mounts fishing rod holders
Links: Rackham Aero - BOTE Accessories - RAM Accessories

Torqeedo 403A
1 hp electric motor & 320 Wh lithium battery combined weighs only 19.4 lbs!
Quick release mount
Static thrust of 33 lbs
Completely waterproof (IP67)
320 Wh lithium battery provides running time of 8.3 hours and a range of 22 miles @ slow speed. Maximum speed of 6 mph
915 Wh lithium battery (optional) provides running time of 24 hours and a range of 63 miles @ slow speed. Maximum speed of 6 mph
Also includes charger, remote throttle, on board computer w/GPS-based range calculation and magnetic stop key
Options: Spare battery, solar panel, TorqTrac allows larger display of on-board computer infomation on phone or tablet including location and range
Links: Torqeedo 403A - Torqeedo 403AC - Torqeedo Accessories

Control Pod
Quick install/release with lightweight modular design for remote contol of Torqeedo electic motor includes:
Engel 30 qt cooler/drybox with raised skids, tie-down straps & padded seat
Removable aluminum steering drive
RAM Mounts track each side w/ adjustable mount for Torqeedo throttle
Removable low-profile raceway for steering cables, motor lift line, reverse mode lock line and power cord. Prevents snags and clutter and allows use of rear deck for gear storage.
Non-slip battery park w/tie-downs
Options: RAM Level Cup Drink Holder, X-Grip Phone Holder for navigation display utilizing Torqeedo TorqTrac
Links: RAM Mounts Accessories - Torqeedo Accessories

Note: Use of electric motor on paddle board may require registration in some jurisdictions.The Rackham Aero E is not intended for use in rough water or use with any other motor. Damage to paddle board from motorized use not covered by BOTE warranty.

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