Werner Kalliste Paddle - Carbon Blades
Werner Kalliste Paddle - Carbon Blades
Werner Kalliste Paddle - Carbon Paddle
Werner Kayak Paddle - Bent Shaft
Werner Kayak Paddle - Adjustable Length LeverLock

Werner Kalliste 2 Piece Carbon Kayak Paddle


The Werner Kalliste Is Our Most Advanced Low-Angle Kayak Touring Paddle. Features Buoyant Full Carbon Blades, Carbon Shaft & Perfect Fit Options.


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The Kalliste is our most advanced low-angle paddle, with our best paddling design and construction features. You’ll feel exceptionally light, buoyant strokes while the smooth back face gives a quiet entrance and exit from the water. The Kalliste is the smart choice for those touring with a low-angle style of paddling and wanting the conservative yet powerful feel of a mid-sized blade.



  • Ultimate performance brings together all of our most advanced designs.
  • Mid-size blades fit the widest range of paddlers.
  • The volume of the buoyant, full carbon blades creates an exceedingly light feel for effortless and confident strokes.
  • Dynel® blade edges use a composite roping material, that is impact and abrasion resistant. This, along with a stronger design and construction, makes the Kalliste the choice over our Ovation model for more rugged paddling environments.
  • Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner.
  • Smooth back face makes for cleaner entry and exit of your strokes and an elegant feel on the water.
  • Optimized flex and strength. Countless hours of testing have led us to a feel that is unmatched on the water. Choose our carbon blend Straight or carbon weave Neutral Bent shaft in Standard Diameter or Small Diameter.
  • The Smart View Adjustable ferrule is the most simple, precise fitting on the market. The solid feel of a 1-piece paddle and nothing to snag your gear. (US Patent # 6881111 )



Werner Kalliste Paddle Overview

Werner Smart View Adjustable Ferrule

Werner Neutral Bent Shaft Paddles



Werner Low Angle Touring Chart



Weight:  2 pc Straight Shaft: 22.5 oz;  2 pc Bent Shaft: 25.25 oz

Blade Surface Area: 100 sq in

Blade Length X Width: 20.5 in x 6.5 in

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